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Saturday, October 19, 2019

Should R. Kelly Still Be Named King Of R&B?

Although everything that surrounds R. Kelly today is controversy, how can you deny the King of R&B his spot? What artist carry more hits than Kellz? R. Kelly has been named by fans consistently as they engaged in the debate over which male artist currently sits on the throne.

Even legendary comedian Dave Chappelle jumped in to add his insight into the discussion. Captured on Instagram, Chappelle acknowledged R. Kelly as the undisputed “King of R&B.” Jacquees is undoubtedly making some incredible music right now, with his 2018 album '4275' seeing him work alongside the likes of Chris Brown, and Jagged Edge.

Understanding Michael Jackson and R. Kelly's Hit "You Are Not Alone"

R. Kelly is an artist that has more than the average tumultuous past. R. Kelly is considered one of the most successful R&B artists of all time. He was once a white-hot hitmaker that most artists clamored to work with.

He is credited for helping redefine R&B and hip hop, earning the nicknames "King of R&B" and "King of Pop-Soul". A native of Chicago, R. Kelly began street performing during the late 1980s and debuted in 1992 with the group Public Announcement. In 1993, Kelly went solo with the album 12 Play.

Is R. Kelly Arrest All About Money? Or Is It The Operation?

So should R. Kelly still be named the King of R&B? No matter what has happened, his music has lived in families homes for years and will continue. There is no way anyone can just mute his music.

Leave your comments and thoughts below on this topic. Lets have a debate about this.

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D’ Andrea Logan Kelly said...

He was, is,& forever will be the #KINGofRnB!!

Darrius Hollins said...

Thats without a question his work speaks for itself he has earned it. I love Tank, D'Angelo and Prince but R. Kelly is my all-time favorite and nobody will ever come close to him. From stage presence to his vocal ability and creativity in the studio nobody can match what he has done or will do in the future musically. R. Kelly is the only male artist who can sing different styles/genres while everyone else sticks to one thing or tries to copy other people shit. So yes the undisputed King of R&B is R. Kelly

Unknown said...

always king of r&b!!! word!!!

LadyBug said...

Yes I’m very devastated. With the situation that Our RKelly is in I don’t understand all these Simple-minded people that’s out here that’s against R. Kelly due to lies nothing but lies and too lazy to do research to get the truth everyone is just going on what the fake media is saying this has been a stressful four months for me no I never met R. Kelly but I do live in Chicago and I also listen to all of his music and I will continue to listen to all of his music �� That mute R. Kelly y’all Bogash because R. Kelly could never be mute it he has the music for everyone in the industry from RB to rock to soul to rap that tells you that he is in everybody’s music movies my stomach hurt every time I hear this bullshit those girls lie in our faces and don’t know ONE seems to notice it right along with LIE TIME & MeeToo are also full of Shit! Y’all act like you don’t see that ether I don’t see nothing that these organizations have done for black girls or black women but lie on top Lies I’m at work rt now listening ���� to the King ���� Of R&B for life I wish I could finish but I gotta go make my money �� maybe I’ll come back later and reply again so I will leave y’all with this White ppl takes up for there’s No matter what ��but us nooo Blacks could never stick together why I don’t FKin know ����‍♀️

Jan Currin said...


Unknown said...

He is the one and only King of RnB

Unknown said...

Still the king of RNB noatters what happen,nobody can take that from him,respect to the Boss

Dwanes Queen said...

Yes he most definitely is and always will be the king of r&b I know all of this well blow over its all about the money and they just mad he cut the money off

Mrs. Love15 said...

He is and will always be the King of R & B!! He is the best performer that has grace the BET stage. He knows how to sing. He makes you feel his music. He make Jungle music sound good and he even made a song out of Cookies. He shouldn’t be and no music performer should be judged based off the words to there songs they are performers. R Kelly I love you and your music. #Sethimfree