Monday, August 19, 2019

Will The Feds Screw R. Kelly By Allowing The Medical Records Into The Case?

It seems as if the Feds are trying to use R. Kelly financial, and medical records to ensure his lock-up. The prosecutors have asked a judge to keep the materials under seal so that the process of poring over the evidence could be expedited.

R. Kelly is accused of racketeering and the sexual exploitation of children. He allegedly sexually exploited at least five girls and women since January 1999 in Illinois, California, New York, Connecticut and other States they claim.

Federal prosecutors did not provide any details as to exactly what is included in those materials other than they are financial and medical documents.

At the end of the day, these allegations have been swirling around for over 20 years so it seems more than likely that he is guilty of the crimes he's been accused of. Over the past few years, new allegations of the singer exposing his alleged victims to STDs have swirled around.

Aside from his medical records, the feds are digging up dirt on R. Kelly to make sure he's put behind bars. The government said they have bank statements, airline, Uber and hotel receipts that seem to prove the singer and his team flew girls from state to state.

Although he's maintained his innocence, not many others are buying it. His own crisis manager had to step down after saying he wouldn't leave Kelly alone with his daughter. However, Kelly is doing everything he can to come out victorious in the case.

R. Kelly's facing dozens of sex abuse charges right now after new indictments were unsealed last month. Kelly's facing both federal and state charges in relation to alleged sex crimes.

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Tell The Truth said...

So much for being unbiased!! You have set journalism back 60 years by publishing your very biased opinion. That's what's wrong with this world right now, people spreading their lies and unproven views and not giving actual facts!! SMH

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