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Monday, May 11, 2020

Who Is Your Favorite Female Musician?

The Wrap-Up Magazine is doing an online survey and want to know who is everyone's favorite female musician. We have seen the likes on Facebook and read your comments, but now we would like for you to choose who is the hottest of the hot.

Take a look at the female musicians below who we have selected. You can click on any name under the picture to watch their best videos or see there best articles shared from us.

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Don't forget to click on any name below the photo to see the best from your favorite female musician. Comment below about who you feel is # and why.

                                                                Jennifer Lopez

                                                                  Gwen Stefani

                                                                Ariana Grande

                                                                    Iggy Azalea


                                                                 Mariah Carey

                                            Nicki Minaj

This list is in no order from least to favorite. We going to let the fans choose which female artist should be ranked number one. Our next article will appear after we have received enough votes.

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