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Monday, May 1, 2017

Man Beats Wife To Death

Claude Sejour was charged with murder and held without bond after beating his wife, Marie Joseph, with a pipe after learning she was pregnant by her boyfriend.

On Wednesday, April 26, Sejour learned his wife was pregnant with another man’s baby after his wife and her boyfriend told him the news over speakerphone, angry later that day Sejour called 911 telling a dispatcher he was going to kill his wife. After hanging up on 911 a call to police came from his neighbor, Alvaro Garcia, who found Joseph dead with her 17-year-old daughter trying to wake her up.

“I observed severe trauma to her right eye, left cheek, forehead and on the top of her head,” the officer wrote, adding that there was blood on the wall above the victim’s head. There was a red pipe wrench which appeared to have traces of what appeared to be blood.” said responding officer

As police rushed to the home, Sejour met them in the outside with a white shirt with blood on his hands and cheek saying “I did it. I finished her and called the police and went outside,” according to a police report. During questioning at the police station Sejour made statements saying he was angry about the boyfriend and the baby though he didn’t mean to kill her.

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