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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Mike Epps Ex-Wife Asking For Large Lump Sum

Estranged wife of comedian Mike Epps, Mechelle Epps, has issued her demands to bring a settlement to the divorce he filed back in January. Documents obtained by TMZ reveal the various expenses Mechelle has calculated to amount to a $109,036 tab that she is demanding he pay on a monthly basis.

Epps' wife lists his yearly earnings at $3.5 million. She claims that when their marriage hit its irreversible snag he cut her access from bank accounts and credit cards, and that she hasn't been able to support herself since. The former couple has two daughters, ages 10 and 12, whom Mechelle has drawn up a big budget to cover several thousands of dollars worth of clothes she spends on them per month, the costs of their maintenance, food, vacations and schooling at a $72,000 per year private academy.

The documents state that the girls' grandmother has been helping to care for them, and requests $3,500 monthly to compensate her for nanny duties, and $600 to cover her travel [TMZ cites that she drives a Mercedes]. In addition to the six digit monthly bill, Mrs. Epps is asking that Mike sign full ownership of their home over to her.

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