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Saturday, April 6, 2024

Jagged Edge vs 112


Celebrity Matchup is doing a RnB stand off against Jagged Edge of Atlanta's music record label So So Def and former members of P. Diddy's label's Bad Boy Record 112.

Who do you think is the better RnB group? The Wrap Up Magazine want to hear your thoughts and opinion. Comment your answers below!

Friday, April 5, 2024

Saturday, March 30, 2024

Meek Mill New WWE Commercial


Meek Mill has made a very special appearance in a new commercial announcing the advent of Wrestlemania XL, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was one of the special guests in the clip.

Thursday, March 28, 2024

Why They Say Jay-Z is Next?


Rumors are that Jay-Z may be the ring leader of a cult. Some say the difference between jay and puff from what I’ve heard is that jay isn’t as obvious with his bs as puff is. 

50 Cent has been having the time of his life ever since Diddy’s homes across the United States were raided by federal agents, and he has now dragged another Hip Hop billionaire into the mess.

Sunday, March 24, 2024

What Happened to Cross Colours Clothing Brand


Cross Colours became a cultural phenomenon in the early ‘90s. The company sought to break down racial barriers one brightly piece of clothing at a time. But after a few years, Cross Colours lost appeal and faded into obscurity. 

Saturday, March 23, 2024

What Happened to Slim Jesus?


Slim Jesus still secures the spot as one of the most highest viewed interviews on @vladtv channel. Why is this? Well its because he was so controversial at the time he came out in 2014-2015. 

Friday, March 22, 2024

Gunmaker Glock Sued Over Machine Gun 'Switch'


Chicago officials have filed a lawsuit against Glock Inc., alleging that the company's handguns are being modified with a relatively cheap mechanism known as the "Glock switch" to convert them into illegal machine guns capable of firing up to 1,200 rounds per minute. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Former Law Enforcement Officers Sentenced to Nearly 20 Years


Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker witnessed the sentencing of two white former Mississippi law enforcement officers who tortured them in a racially motivated attack. Hunter Elward received a prison sentence of about 20 years, while Jeffrey Middleton, the leader of the group responsible for the abuse, was sentenced to 17.5 years.

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Is Beyonce Right About Racism in Country Music?


BeyoncĂ© recently took to Instagram to announce that her ‘Act II: Cowboy Carter’ album was arriving in 10 days. Along with that, the pop star vocalist spoke candidly on her experiences with creating country music within the last few years, alluding to racist experiences she encountered along the way. 

Dr. Dre Says Eminem Is the 'Best Emcee Ever'


Dr. Dre recently expressed his belief that Eminem is the "best emcee ever" during an appearance on SiriusXM's The Life of Mine With James Corden. Dre praised Eminem's skill and creativity on the microphone, emphasizing that his talent transcends any discussions about race.