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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Mistrial Declared In Bill Cosby Case

I know Bill Cosby is happy after a Pennsylvania judge declared a mistrial Saturday in the case against Bill Cosby after a jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision. Bill Cosby's legal team made the right call not to have the comedian take the witness stand during his sexual assault trial.

Camille Cosby accuses the judge of 'overtly and arrogantly collaborating with the DA'. Camille Cosby releases statement after Bill's mistrial declaration. Cosby's greatest television success came in September 1984 with the debut of The Cosby Show.

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Should Bill Cosby Have Went To Prison

Through all the fame and people in everyone's home on television, one of the most loved men in the world was sent to prison. Do you think his prison sentence was justice? How do you feel things should have gone?

William Henry Cosby Jr. is an American stand-up comedian, actor, musician, author, and now a convicted sex offender. That is a hard title to add to your belt if you were in his shoes.

His successes span five decades and virtually all media, remarkable accomplishments for a kid who emerged from humble beginnings in a Philly project.

The maximum sentence for each of the three counts is 10 years, or 30 years in total, meaning the 80-year-old Cosby, who is legally blind and in poor health, could spend the end of his life in prison. Do you really think this is fair judgement?

No matter how we look at it, Bill Cosby help raised our children through television. What Bill did was inexcusable. Seriously, he was a big star, he could have gotten laid without drugging women. Problem is, he was messing with women who were already drug addicted.

The two reasons for prisons is(one) to punish criminals and two) to protect the population from criminals. So here you have an eighty-year-old blind man. I have a hard time imaging what sort of threat he can be to the public. So that leaves us with his incarceration being solely for punishment which I understand makes some people happy.

The primary reason for prison is to isolate the criminals out of society. Even though it’s too late. But among the primary reasons for prison is it keep revenge from happening.

Leave your thoughts below on if you feel his punishment was too harsh. Should Cosby be freed? Or is he best being left behind bars?

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Will Bill Cosby Prison Sentence Get Overturned?

Bill Cosby
This just in from The Wrap!

In a document filed Friday, Bill Cosby’s defense team argues that Judge Steven O’Neill was wrong to declare that the actor fit the description of a “sexually violent predator,” which requires him to undergo lifetime counseling and report quarterly to authorities. His name will also appear on a sex-offender registry sent to neighbors, schools and victims.

They also added that prison sentence was extreme, given that the standard for that crime is two to three years, and that Cosby is a partially blind 81-year-old.

Cosby was convicted in April of assaulting Temple University employee Andrea Constand at his Pennsylvania home in 2004.

An arrest was made on Dec. 30, 2015, but the initial trial ended in a mistrial on July 2017 after the jury was unable to reach a verdict. During his subsequent retrial in April, jurors heard testimony from Constand, as well as five other Cosby accusers, including model Janice Dickinson, who testified that the comedian raped her in Lake Tahoe, California, in 1982.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Bill Cosby Headed To Trial

Bill Cosby is facing up to a decade in jail for an alleged sexual assault. The 79-year-old actor and comedian was charged for allegedly drugging and molesting a Temple University employee named Andrea Constand. Now, news has surfaced that Cosby's sexual assault trial will begin June 5, 2017.

Cosby will be on trial for three aggravated assault charges. According to Judge Steven O'Neill, the trial will more than likely last up to two weeks. When discussing the trial timeline at the pre-trial hearing that took place this past Monday, O'Neill noted that the amount of time the trial is estimated to last is surprising considering the amount of time passed since charges were filed by the victim. The charges were filed in December 2015. Since the filing of the charges, multiple pre-trial hearings took place and found prosecutors and defense lawyers going back and forth about how the trial should commence.

The pre-trial hearing that took place this past Monday solely focused on jury selection for the case. Jurors selected to participate in the case will be chosen from Pittsburgh, and they will be taken away and isolated in Norristown - located in Philadelphia. Judge O'Neill noted that he is looking to pick jurors for the case in late May. O'Neill also made it clear that the jurors names will not be made public. Cosby is looking to make sure that his own testimony from a 2006 deposition won't be used against in court, as his team views the deposition as "damaging." In the deposition, Cosby spoke about getting quaaludes and giving them to women he wanted to have sex with. The District Attorney on the case will be arguing that Cosby is familiar with date-rape drugs and even performed comedic bits about them in his shows.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Is Bill Cosby A Rapist

Have you been watching the news lately? Well rumors are that comedian Bill Cosby may be a rapist. Women say that the actor took women to his suit and served them a drink with a pill that put them to sleep. Could that be the date rape drug. Bill has been losing endorsements from t.v. shows and events.

If the rape rumors are true, this could tarnish his long worked career. Star from the Cosby show Raven-Symoné, said she did not have that problem while working with Bill. Raven-Symoné – who played Cosby's step-granddaughter, Olivia, on the NBC family sitcom that aired from 1989 to 1992 – took to social media Wednesday to dispel any notion that was a victim of her on-screen grandfather.

NBC has pulled the plug on Bill Cosby Comedy, TV Land Ends Reruns. There has been reports on file since 2005 against the comedian. This could really hurt his fatherhood image.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bill Cosby Hit With Another Lawsuit

The lawyer who sued President Clinton in the Paula Jones case is representing one of Cosby’s accusers, who’s filed a lawsuit claiming Cosby defamed her by in effect calling her a liar after she said he drugged and raped her more than 40 years ago.

Joseph Cammarata, a Washington, D.C. personal injury lawyer, filed the lawsuit on behalf of Tamara Green, who says Cosby raped her in the early 1970s when she was an aspiring model and singer. The lawsuit was filed in Springfield, Mass., near where Cosby lives. Green lives in Los Angeles.

Green, 65, is one of nearly two-dozen women who have said publicly, in the past or in recent weeks or both, that Cosby sexually assaulted them. Her lawsuit is the latest legal strategy tried against Cosby, who has said little in response to the allegations except to issue denials and angry denunciations of his accusers through his lawyer.

Green’s story is that she had lunch with Cosby, now 77, in Los Angeles in the early 1970s, that he gave her pills he described as cold medication, and she became woozy. He took her home, undressed her, molested her, digitally penetrated her, and wouldn’t stop despite her protests until she upended a table lamp. Then he left, leaving two $100 bills on a coffee table.

Green first told her story in 2005 on the Today show and in the Philadelphia Inquirer and has since told it to multiple media outlets this year. Each time, she asserts, Cosby, through his lawyers or his publicist, denied her allegations, defaming her by declaring them “absolutely false.” The suit claims Cosby’s publicist, David Brokaw, also defamed her after she later told her story to Newsweek.

Why did Green wait so long to file suit, given the one-year statute of limitations on defamation? Cammarata says Green, a retired lawyer, didn’t know she had that option. Also, he is arguing that Green was defamed more recently by Cosby, when she again talked about her experience in public after the allegations against Cosby resurfaced this summer.

Cammarata held a news conference in Washington to announce Green’s lawsuit; Green participated by satellite. He said the lawsuit is necessary — and the only option left to Cosby’s accusers — because the criminal statute of limitations has expired for most of them.

Cosby’s lawyer, Martin Singer of Los Angeles, issued a statement responding to Green’s lawsuit. “We are very confident that we will prevail in this proceeding and we will pursue claims against the attorneys who filed this action,” he said.

Andrea Constand, a Temple University basketball official, filed a civil suit against him in 2005, alleging battery and assault. Green was one of a dozen women who agreed to testify against Cosby for that suit, but never got the chance because it was settled in 2006.

Judy Huth filed suit in California two weeks ago, claiming recent emotional distress she connected to Cosby allegedly assaulting her at the Playboy Mansion when she was 17 some 40 years ago. Cosby and Singer sought to undermine her credibility by asserting in court documents that she tried to sell her story to a tabloid 10 years ago.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Malcolm Warner Speaks On Bill Cosby

Warner commented on the slew of allegations plaguing his former TV father Bill Cosby. “He’s one of my mentors, and he’s been very influential and played a big role in my life as a friend and mentor,” Warner tells Billboard. “Just as it’s painful to hear any woman talk about sexual assault, whether true or not, it’s just as painful to watch my friend and mentor go through this.

“I can’t really speak on any of the allegations because obviously, I was not there. The Bill Cosby I know has been great to me and great for a lot of people. What he’s done for comedy and television has been legendary and history-making. What he’s done for the black community and education has been invaluable. That’s the Bill Cosby I know. I can’t speak on the other stuff.”

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Damon Wayans Talks Bill Cosby

Comedian Damon Wayans has defended Bill Cosby saying that the women who accused him of sexual assault are “unrapeable b***hes”. Asked what advice he would have for Bill Cosby, Mr Wayans said: “I don’t believe he was raping. I think he was in relationships with all of them, and then he’s like, ‘You know what, it’s 78, I can’t get it up for any of y’all, bye b***hes.’

The actor continued: “And some of them, really, is un-rape-able. I look at them and go, ‘No, he don’t want that. Get outta here!” “And now they’re like, ‘Oh, really? Rape.’ Forty years- listen, how big is that penis that it gives you amnesia for forty years?”

He then said: “Look, I understand fame. I’ve lived it. Women will throw themselves at you. They just want to be in your presence. There’s some that innocently will come up there, but not 40-something women. They’re not that naïve.”

Friday, February 20, 2015

Snoop Dogg Talks Bill Cosby Video

Take a look at this new visual video as Snoop Dogg had a unique way of tying embattled comedian Bill Cosby to wildlife on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. The rapper hosted the “Plizzanet Earth” segment, teaching children about wildlife. The segment showed a clip of a fur seal trying to mate with a king penguin.

“He cold-blooded. He went Bill Cosby on him, ‘cuz,” the rapper said as the audience laughed. “Look at him, putting it in that pudding.” “Thank you, Snoop,” Kimmel said with a shy laugh.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bill Cosby Talks Eddie Murphy

After months of increasingly bad news about multiple allegations about rape, and few words from embattled Cosby, he finally got a bit of good news and now he’s expressing his appreciation. “I am very appreciative of Eddie and I applaud his actions,” Cosby said in a statement Thursday released through Andrew Wyatt of Purpose PR.

The firm is one of Cosby’s representatives hired in the months since nearly 30 women started coming forward to accuse him of drugging and raping them in decades past. He was asked to do a comic impression of Cosby for the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special on NBC on Sunday, and he refused.

We (and Cosby) know this because ex-SNL cast member Norm Macdonald dished about it in an epic series of tweets Wednesday about the behind-the-scenes lead-up to the show. Macdonald tweeted that the idea was Murphy would put on a multicolored sweater and do the “perfect” Cosby impression. Macdonald tried to talk Murphy into doing it and thought he had agreed. But he didn’t.

“He knew the laughs would bring the house down. Eddie Murphy knows what will work on SNL better than any one. Eddie decides the laughs are not worth it. He will not kick a man when he is down. Eddie Murphy, I realize, is not like the rest of us. Eddie does not need the laughs. Eddie Murphy is the coolest, a rockstar even in a room with actual rockstars. Quite a week.”

As it turned out, Murphy had little to do on the actual broadcast — no jokes or skits. Instead, he talked about what the show meant to him and his career; he had joined in 1981 while still a teenager. For Cosby, that turned out to be enough.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bill Cosby Sentencing Scheduled For September

Bill Cosby will be sentenced over ​a ​two​-​day​ hearing in September, a Pennsylvania judge ruled Tuesday.

The convicted sexual predator will learn on Sept. 24 and 25 whether he’ll be sent to prison for the 2004 attack on former Temple University basketball administrator Andrea Constand.

Cosby, 80, faces up to ​30 years — ​10 years on each of the three counts of aggravated indecent assault following his conviction last month — an effective life sentence.

Gabrielle Union Talks Billl Cosby

Cosby Accuser Arrested

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Bill Cosby Refuses To Testify

Bill Cosby gave his first exclusive interview since 2015 on Sirius-XM radio on Tuesday, May 16, and in the 30-minute chat, he addressed a range of topics, from his childhood to his children, including the death of his son in 1997. But of course, the most pressing questions posed by Michael Smerconish explored his outlook on the sexual assault cases that have all but tarnished his legacy and now threaten to send him to prison.

With his trial for an alleged 2004 drugging and assault of a Temple University staffer only one month away, it was in having his fans on his mind that Cosby said he decided to finally come forward. He believes it is time to let the public hear his voice on the allegations, as opposed to leaving what he claims to be the truth, up to the tabloids to tell. But while he returned to share his side of all stories first hand, the 79-year-old actor/comedian confirmed that he is putting his faith in his attorneys and will not be taking the stand.

“When you have to deal with examination, cross-examination, et cetera, et cetera, more than two sides to every story, sometimes it’s four or five,” he told Smerconish. “And what people want to say and want you to say and how they maneuver, and, yes, I do have lawyers protect me — objection; sustained. But I just don’t want to sit there and have to figure out what I believe is a truthful answer to whether or not I’m opening a can of something that my lawyers are scrambling.”

Thus, Cosby is leaving the law to the legal experts. But in having once been a virtual icon of morality for the Black family, it appears as though he has been trying to make a concerted attempt to reclaim some of the public's trust. He has continued to maintain his innocence and as of recent has had his daughters step up with statements in support of their father. “If a jury says so forth and so on, there’s still public opinion,” Cosby said in the interview.. “And if the jury comes for the other side of the so forth and so on, it’s still public opinion. So I think it’s something that you never will be able to satisfy all minds and all behaviors. I know the side that I’m on and the side that I’m hoping for.”

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Bill Cosby is a free man

Bill Cosby is a free man. On June 30, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned the comedian's felony sexual assault conviction nearly three years into his three-to-10-year prison sentence. The 83-year-old was discharged from state prison and driven home -- he cannot be retried. In 2018, he was found guilty of drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand, a Temple University employee, at his home in 2004. According to the state's Supreme Court judges, Cosby should not have faced a criminal trial because a previous district attorney had years earlier agreed not to charge the man once known as America's Dad after he was deposed in a civil lawsuit that Andrea brought in 2005 in which he gave potentially incriminating testimony. The Supreme Court also disagreed with the trial judge's decision to let five other women testify to prove a pattern of abuse. In layman's terms, the high court said the disgraced comedian's rights were violated. Following his release, many in Hollywood reacted with disgust.

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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Gabrielle Union Talks Billl Cosby

Gabrielle Union has previously spoken about her experiences with sexual assault so the news of Bill Cosby being found guilty for his inappropriate acts is a great revelation for the Being Mary Jane actress.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cosby Accuser Arrested

It seems as if the bad times are continuing to roll on for anyone involved in the Cosby drugging case, as one of Cosby’s accusers— Chloe Goins was arrested after allegedly attempting to smuggle heroin into a prison. The former model claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Bill Cosby while at a Playboy Mansion party in 2008.

Friday, August 14, 2020

Bill Cosby Files New Appeal In Pennsylvania

In court docs filed on Tuesday, his attorney argues that his trial was not fair because it allowed five accusers to give “decades-old” testimony that prejudiced the jury against him. They also argue it was “unfair” to have included a deposition he gave in an old civil suit “regarding [Cosby’s] use of quaaludes and his sexual behavior” because the disgraced comic believed the testimony was essentially immune from prosecution.

Friday, February 22, 2019

R. Kelly Has Been Indicted

I can't believe it myself! R. Kelly was charged with multiple counts of criminal sexual abuse involving multiple victims in a Chicago court Friday after decades of rumors and allegations that the R&B star was abusing women and underage girls.

Kelly has denied allegations of sexual misconduct involving women and underage girls for decades. Neither Kelly’s legal representative nor the Cook County prosecutor's office immediately responded to Fox News’ request for comment on the charges.

Top 5 Best R. Kelly Songs

The singer, whose full name is Robert Kelly, is one of the top-selling recording artists of all time. He has won multiple Grammys, including for his hit song "I Believe I Can Fly." His arrest sets the stage for another #MeToo-era celebrity trial after Bill Cosby went to prison last year, as former Hollywood studio boss Harvey Weinstein is awaiting trial.

Kelly was charged a week after Michael Avenatti, the attorney whose clients have included porn star Stormy Daniels, said he recently gave Chicago prosecutors new video evidence of the singer having sex with an underage girl. It was not immediately clear if the charges were connected to that video.

Dame Dash Talks Jay-Z, Aaliyah And R. Kelly

In 2008, a jury acquitted Kelly of child pornography charges over a graphic video that prosecutors said showed him having sex with a girl as young as 13. He and the young woman allegedly depicted with him denied they were in the 27-minute video, even though the picture quality was good and witnesses testified it was them, and she did not take the stand. Kelly could have gotten 15 years in prison.

Kelly has been accused of holding women and girls against their will in Chicago, where he has a recording studio, and Georgia, where he has property.

Kelly's attorney, Steve Greenberg, said earlier this year that his client was the victim of a TV hit piece and that Kelly "never knowingly had sex with an underage woman, he never forced anyone to do anything, he never held anyone captive, he never abused anyone."

Despite accusations that span decades, the singer and songwriter who rose from poverty on Chicago's South Side has retained a sizable following. He has written numerous hits for himself and other artists, including Celine Dion, Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga. His collaborators have included Jay-Z and Usher.

Kelly broke into the R&B scene in 1993 with his first solo album, "12 Play," which produced such popular sex-themed songs as "Bump N' Grind" and "Your Body's Callin'."

Months after those successes, the then-27-year-old Kelly faced allegations he married 15-year-old Aaliyah, the R&B star who later died in a plane crash in the Bahamas. Kelly was the lead songwriter and producer of Aaliyah's 1994 debut album.

Kelly and Aaliyah never confirmed the marriage, though Vibe magazine published a copy of the purported marriage license. Court documents later obtained by The Chicago Sun-Times showed Aaliyah admitted lying about her age on the license.

Jim DeRogatis, a longtime music critic for the Sun-Times, played a key role in drawing the attention of law enforcement to Kelly. In 2002, he received the sex tape in the mail that was central to Kelly's 2008 trial. He turned it over to prosecutors. In 2017, DeRogatis wrote a story for BuzzFeed about the allegations Kelly was holding women against their will in Georgia.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Will R. Kelly Escape Prison?

R. Kelly is doing a very good job right now, but the big question is, Will R. Kelly Escape Prison? Only time will tell.

Not only has R. Kelly been avoiding any more jail time, he has also be complying with his child support payments. Seems they tried they best to make Kellz look stupid by saying he can't read or write.

Lets kick all that b.s. out of the door. Are they just mad R. Kelly is standing his ground as a man? The media seems to enjoy making the r&b star look bad, but it's OK, that's why were here.

In related news, Cook County Judge Moira Johnson on Wednesday ruled that a sexual abuse lawsuit not tied to the child support case against Kelly will move forward.

The judgment was made by default after R. Kelly did not respond to the suit. His lawyers revealed that wasn’t able to do so because he was illiterate, detailing that he couldn’t read the papers that were served.

Now wait a minute, I had to laugh at this one. That just killed me over and over again. On March 6, R. Kelly was arrested for not paying $161,633 that he owed Andrea. He was released three days later after an anonymous person posted his bail.

R. Kelly avoided jail time on Wednesday by paying up to $62,000 in back child support (for March, April and May) to his ex-wife Andrea Kelly.

How do you feel R. Kelly is standing? Could he end up convicted like Bill Cosby? Do things look good or bad? The Wrap-Up Magazine wants to hear what you have to say!

Read More On R Kelly

According to TMZ, Kelly and his associates are in the process of launching Surviving Lies, a new website that will supposedly debunk and discredit the singer’s many accusers. The site isn’t yet live, but its corresponding Facebook account is up and running and offers a look at how low Kelly is willing to go to prove his innocence.

A number of prominent musicians came forward in support of Kelly’s alleged victims. John Legend condemned the singer as a “serial child rapist” (which just may land him a lawsuit). Chance the Rapper also distanced himself from Kelly, saying that collaborating with the singer “was a mistake.”


Friday, January 4, 2019

Could This Be The End Of R. Kelly Career?

Although he has made many hits and topped various charts, R. Kelly is still labeled a pedophile in most eyes. They will never get over the fact that it's true and he has not apologized for any of it.

Now that the Aaliya case has resurfaced, could the be the crushing moment in R. Kelly's career. Just like Bill Cosby, Tekashi 69, and Russel Simmons, this is damaging to loosing endorsers and more.

R. Kelly could see his career come to a halt just as quick as it started. He has a problem with stick him grown penis into our children on my personal note. The Wrap-Up Magazine loves the mans music, just not the ways he live by.

If his career loosing everything right at the end, this is karma in the making for him. Does he deserve jail time? Or just like many other, case are too old to close but the evidence is still there?

R. Kelly need help and it may be time for him to be held accountable for it. It's time to come out in public before this hits. I'm sure even white people would agree that this relationship was clear in ones eyes.

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Rikers Island Jail Soon To Close It's Doors

Rikers, which has 10,000 beds, is a 400-acre jail complex located on an island in the middle of the East River, between Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx. The New York City Council voted Thursday to close the massive Rikers Island jail complex, one of the largest jails in the country, and replace it with four smaller jails across four of the city's boroughs.

"Rikers island is a symbol of brutality and inhumanity and it is time for us to once and for all close Rikers Island." "As a city we must do everything we can to move away from the failed policies of mass incarceration."

Rikers has become infamous for lack of oversight, excessive force and neglect. The jail housed some inmates with short sentences, but mainly served as a holding center for thousands awaiting trial.

Also: Should Bill Cosby Have Went To Prison

Opponents of closing the jail have worried about housing the inmates in residential neighborhoods. The new jails would only contain a total of 3,300 beds — compared to a current population of roughly 7,200 inmates.

The American Civil Liberties Union also celebrated Thursday's vote, calling it the "start of the long-overdue process."

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