Saturday, April 28, 2018

Gabrielle Union Talks Billl Cosby

Gabrielle Union has previously spoken about her experiences with sexual assault so the news of Bill Cosby being found guilty for his inappropriate acts is a great revelation for the Being Mary Jane actress.

“This is just the first domino to go with many, many more,” she told the Associated Press, via Page Six. “There’s a lot of people who should be very, very worried about their freedom because justice is coming for you.”
Cosby was found guilty by the 12 person jury on three accounts of aggravated indecent assault and will face 30 years in prison. “If you think that you’ve aged out of justice, think again because victims slash survivors — our memories are long —  you can run, you can hide, but justice will find you,” she added.

A number of other Hollywood actresses shared their remarks of Bill’s sentencing such as Kathy Griffin saying “I can’t stop thinking about all the old farts in Hollywood that knew. They knew the whole time. The networks, the producers, the studios. Time’s not up yet.” Rose McGowan added: “Cosby is guilty. I’m sorry if you loved a lie. His victims can now exhale. Thank you judge and jury. Thank you society for waking up.”

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