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Thursday, May 9, 2019

Will R. Kelly Escape Prison?

R. Kelly is doing a very good job right now, but the big question is, Will R. Kelly Escape Prison? Only time will tell.

Not only has R. Kelly been avoiding any more jail time, he has also be complying with his child support payments. Seems they tried they best to make Kellz look stupid by saying he can't read or write.

Lets kick all that b.s. out of the door. Are they just mad R. Kelly is standing his ground as a man? The media seems to enjoy making the r&b star look bad, but it's OK, that's why were here.

In related news, Cook County Judge Moira Johnson on Wednesday ruled that a sexual abuse lawsuit not tied to the child support case against Kelly will move forward.

The judgment was made by default after R. Kelly did not respond to the suit. His lawyers revealed that wasn’t able to do so because he was illiterate, detailing that he couldn’t read the papers that were served.

Now wait a minute, I had to laugh at this one. That just killed me over and over again. On March 6, R. Kelly was arrested for not paying $161,633 that he owed Andrea. He was released three days later after an anonymous person posted his bail.

R. Kelly avoided jail time on Wednesday by paying up to $62,000 in back child support (for March, April and May) to his ex-wife Andrea Kelly.

How do you feel R. Kelly is standing? Could he end up convicted like Bill Cosby? Do things look good or bad? The Wrap-Up Magazine wants to hear what you have to say!

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According to TMZ, Kelly and his associates are in the process of launching Surviving Lies, a new website that will supposedly debunk and discredit the singer’s many accusers. The site isn’t yet live, but its corresponding Facebook account is up and running and offers a look at how low Kelly is willing to go to prove his innocence.

A number of prominent musicians came forward in support of Kelly’s alleged victims. John Legend condemned the singer as a “serial child rapist” (which just may land him a lawsuit). Chance the Rapper also distanced himself from Kelly, saying that collaborating with the singer “was a mistake.”


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