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Friday, February 24, 2023

Big Haze (@BigHazePMG) - "Get It Back" (Video)

Connecticut rapper Big Haze presents the music video for "Get It Back", directed by Kay The Creator. Formerly known as Haze Da Punter, the New Haven native also recently released "4 Me" (stream everywhere) via his Punter Music Group imprint, which he adds to a discography that also includes Overdue (stream) , Game Over (stream) and Rolling Stone (stream). About his new single Haze says "spending money is not spending when you're investing in yourself. You can always get it back." "Get It Back" is out now on Punter Music Group.

Sir Will (@IamSirWill) - "By Any Means" (Video)

Powerhouse rapper Sir Will has just released the new single and video "By Any Means". Produced by Drumma Boy, the single features heavy undercurrents of bass, intense beats, and thunderous vocals at the surface of the track. Written about Sir Will’s unyielding grit and “by any means necessary” attitude, the single highlights Will's lyrical prowess and relentless, tenacious persona. While Drumma Boy has worked with a plethora of notorious artists, his collaboration with Sir Will on “By Any Means” stands out. Drumma Boy admits, “It’s always dope working with new artists and taking them to the next level. I get a kick out of assisting people to make their dreams possible! Sir Will brings a new and fresh energy of real rap to the game complimented with great beat selection and delivery! ‘By Any Means’ is an example of determination to accomplish all the goals we set for ourselves. 💯🙏🏽” The visuals for “By Any Means” follow Sir Will on an enticing saga through the streets of Atlanta to meet Drumma Boy at the recording studio. Sir Will has been featured by EARMILK, Lyrical Lemonade, The Source, BET, Revolt, MTV, and mixshows on SiriusXM and Iheart Radio. Sir Will opened for Future and Lil Durk at a Super Bowl party in Phoenix and will be performing at SXSW and Spring Break. With his last single “Moment of Truth” reaching more than 180,000 streams on YouTube, there’s no telling what Sir Will can accomplish next.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Tan DaGod - "Controlla Freestyle" (Video)

Oakland California female artist Tan DaGod releases her official music video for her track entitled "Controlla Freestyle" shot by WeThePartySean. The record was produced by rising producer Panama The Kid. The visual already has over 100K views on YouTube. 

Saturday, February 18, 2023

City Wind (@CityWind773) - "Go Get It" (Video)

Chicago born hip hop artist City Wind releases his new song and video “Go Get It.” This is a high-energy track with an infectious beat and catchy hook line that will make you want to dance in your seat. City Wind, a recent hip hop sensation, has popped up on the scene and has been making waves in the industry. City Wind is a new voice in music with an old-school feel. He started by writing poetry, which led him to an organization for poets where he was introduced to a guy who made beats, but all of his beats were ones you could rap on. City Wind took up rapping and began practicing for months until he mastered his craft.

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Toka Fly (@mudcity_toka) - "Money Money Money" (Video)

Toka Fly independently released “Money Money Money” via his own label, Trappin N Fashion. On the first single of 2023, Toka gives us Rick Ross and Jeezy energy with all the bag talk and slick lyricism. 

Monday, February 13, 2023

Kash XO (@IamKashXO) F/ Fivio Foreign (@FivioForeign) - "Clear The Room" (Video)

LA-Native Kash XO takes the world by storm with his music video "Clear The Room" featuring Fivio Foreign; courtesy of Columbia Records. The Diamond Empire Production visual speaks volumes on how far Kash has come in his career. Kash XO is no stranger to the music scene. Showcasing his captivating skills he has made himself a big deal and is growing as an artist. 

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Bezzle (@Flawless_Bezzle) - "The Pose" (Video Trailer)

Bezzle releases his video trailer for his single entitled "The Pose", to give the fans a snippet of what's to come in the near future. "The Pose" can be streamed right now on Apple Music and Spotify. 

Saturday, February 11, 2023

HoodTrophy Bino - "drip check"\"what I got on" (Video)

Los Angeles based, Stacks On Deck Money Gang rapper HoodTrophy Bino has just released the new video for "drip check \ what I got on" that exudes the extravagant, lush energy that is a part of Bino’s post-fame reality. Bino raps, “She said, what you got on? Oh s*** nothin’ special.” Brooding notes of piano layered beneath an industrial beat and dramatic strings create a sonic vibe as rich and decadent as the lyrics themself. The music video for "drip check \ what I got on" features a house party club scene with dancers where HoodTrophy Bino throws stacks of money over a crystal table. HoodTrophy Bino has received high acclaim from Allhiphop, Earmilk, The Source and more. He is signed to Soulja Boy's Stacks On Deck Money Gang (S.O.D.M.G.) label and gives back to inner city schools in his free time.

Friday, February 10, 2023

Ant200 (@ant200_) - "Pissed Off" (Video)

Jackson, Mississippi artist Ant200 releases his official music video for his single entitled "Pissed Off" shot by JayySlimyy. This visual come right after he released his single called "Cool Guy". So be on the lookout for a project in the near future but in the meantime go stream "200 Island" on Apple Music and Spotify.

J-Wonn (@IamJwonn) - "Too Good" (Video)

Jackson, Mississippi multi talented artist J-Wonn releases his official music video for his single entitled "Too Good". "Too Good" is off his recent released project "The Foundation" out now on Apple Music.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Dear Silas (@dearsilas) F/ AttiyaOndreis - "Thank You" (Video)

Jackson, Mississippi multi talented artist, musician and songwriter Dear Silas presents the official video to "Thank You" featuring AttiyaOndreis from the mixtape "It's Giving SELF LOVE!". The music visual was directed by The Dark Brothers. Make sure you stream "It's Giving SELF LOVE!" on all streaming platforms.

Santa Sallet (@SantaSallet) - "Championship Ring" (Video)

DMV-based rapper/producer Santa Sallet presents the Josiah Mendoza-directed music video for his self-produced new single "Championship Ring" which will appear on Plutography, Sallet's forthcoming album featuring Yung N Icy, &amo, and French producer Nemizzo, longtime collaborator and co-founder of Mugisha Sallet Productions (MSP). Plutography blends salsa beats, southern trap, and eastern jazz with classic and conventional rap samples, reflecting Sallet's international upbringing across South Africa, Dominica and the US. Sallet is planning a series of full-length releases, among them C.R.E.A.M. which recounts his journey from broke to financially free, and Women and R.A.P. which describe his pursuit of success in relationships and the music industry respectively. "Ring" comes on the heels of visuals for previous Plutography single "Chinese Funk". Sallet says his new single is "the sound of greatness entering the arena." "Championship Ring" is out now on MSP Records.

Monday, January 30, 2023

OTV Jay & TMG Jaskii - "VLone" (Video) via @skudotv

Its them 1st rounders representing the low-end section of Chiraq "OTV JAY" & "TMG JASKII" with there latest visual " VLONE" the first release off there highly anticipated collaboration project "Trench Brothers" where these two trade bars about sliding to hold down there section as well as the pain felt for the lost of their fallen members also referred to as the "29ers" 

Spotlight on Sleepy Loco as he releases "In Mook We Trust"

In 2022, the Memphis rapper followed up his fifthteen city “No Deal” promotional tour, by dropping Blu Language 2:Out The Blue. This project garnered over a million streams along with over 500,000 listeners just on his Spotify alone. 

Friday, January 27, 2023

Dee Havior (@DeeHavior) - "Free" (Video)

Detroit Hip Hop artist Dee Havior releases visuals to his pivotal single “Free.” This comes during a crucial time in Hip Hop and the world as a whole. A backdrop driven by drums and striking bass looped with soulful melodies heightens Dee Havior’s lyrical testament. 

Funkghost (@Funkghost) F/ Brainorchestra (@_brainorchestra) - "A.M.P." (Video)

Tampa, Florida multi talented artist and producer Funkghost releases his official music video for his brand new single entitled "A.M.P." featuring New Jersey MC Brainorchestra. The music visual was directed by Steven Quach for Aeri Productions. "A.M.P", Always Making Power Moves, is off Funkghost's forthcoming album "Life Is How You Paint It". Go stream "A.M.P" on all streaming platforms right now.

Thursday, January 26, 2023

$lick (@mitchyy_slick) - "Get Get Go" (Video)

Colorado emcee $lick presents the Wiz Kelly-directed music video for "Get Get Go", the 2and2-produced single from $lick's new album Put It Together. The 22-year-old Denver native has been making what he describes as "thinking man's music" for two years, and takes his inspiration from underground greats like Dilla, Madlib, DOOM and Ghostface Killah. The "Get Get Go" clip comes on the heels of visuals for previous single "Let Me Be". He says his new single is "a storytelling demonstration of certain hard decisions that have to be made in order to survive in impoverished situations, and the seven sins that accompany."

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Akeem Ali (@Akeem___Ali) - "He's Bad" (Video)

Jackson, Mississippi native and Atlanta based artist Akeem Ali releases his motion picture for his single entitled "He's Bad". Keemy Casanova is one bad man!!!!!

Monday, January 23, 2023

Dear Silas (@dearsilas) - "I Ain't Stressin' Today" (Video)

Jackson, Mississippi multi talented artist and musician Dear Silas releases his motion picture for his smash hit single entitled "I Ain't Stressin'Today". 

The smash hit is off his album "It's Giving SELF LOVE!" out now on all digital platforms. 

Michael Dean (@ItzMichaelDean) - "Roller Coaster" (Video)

Los Angeles based alt-pop artist Michael Dean releases the new single and video. Entitled “Roller Coaster”, the song is drenched in melancholic, romantic bliss and takes a look at the ups and downs of a past relationship. Tinted with bittersweet memories and moments of tenderness, Michael confides, “The message of ‘Roller Coaster’ is to be in the moment. 

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