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Saturday, December 9, 2023

Behind the Lyrics with Eminem


Having sold over 100 million albums worldwide, he is regarded as one of the best selling artists in the world and has been previously ranked as the best selling artist of the 2000's. 

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The often misunderstood major talent has given white rappers credibility with his string of Grammy nominations, his critically acclaimed film 8 mile and three multi-platinum studio albums.  Aside from Eminem's musical success, he has continually hit headlines with his turbulent relationship with Kimberley Ann Scott and ongoing legal disputes with his own mother.  This film takes an intimate look into the life and career of this bad boy rapper including interviews with industry experts and unseen footage and clips from his most popular hits.

This documentary tells all about rapper, record producer and songwriter Marshall Bruce Mathers III, commonly known as Eminem was born in 1972 in Kansas City, USA.

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