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Friday, July 21, 2023

Dame Dash Talks Nas Destroying Jay-Z


Dame Dash recently sat down on the That's F***ed Up podcast, where he spoke about Jay-Z and Nas' famous battle, which Dame says Jay lost. 

While speaking about "Super Ugly," Jay-Z's response to Nas' "Ether," Dame explained, "Jay’s response was terrible. The thing is, we had first hit him with the joint at Summer Jam that was kinda hard, the ‘Takeover.’ But when [Nas] came with the ‘Ether,’ I was kinda hype because he said my name. I was like, ‘I guess I’m in a rap record.’ But the response, I wasn’t there for the response." 

He added, "I had landed, Irv Gotti f***ed that one up. Every time Irv Gotti got in my business, he f***ed s**t up… He threw that ‘Ether’ on him. He had him apologizing. The rap that he did was wack- when I heard it, I was pissed." 

Dame went on to reveal that he said at the time that the song was "wack," and he also took aim at Irv Gotti, who Dame claims keeps speaking about him.

"This n***a talking about other n***as’ business and s**t, like we don’t do that. And it was Irv. I was like, ‘Irv Gotti.’ I called Irv, told him don’t ever get in my business again bro, like, ‘What you doing? You not about war.’ You see how his wars go with rap- he doesn’t win it. He’s not a general like that. So it was like, stay out of my business. And Irv keeps talking about me all the time, like stop talking about me, Irv."

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