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Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Rihanna Seen Crying Throwing Up Roc Nation


Rihanna not only threw up Roc Nation, but she was also seen crying. Want to know why? Well hold on, we'll get into that.

To break it down, Rihanna just had one great performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in Glendale, Arizona. But why was she crying? The real reason made me want to cry when I realized it.

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Rumors are, Rihanna previously recalled 'shaking' as she waited to audition for Beyonce's husband 18-years-ago and being 'locked' in the office until 3am. The pair also weathered accusations that Jay-Z was cheating on Beyonce with Rihanna.

Why did Rihanna throw up the Rocafella sign? Could this signal the beginning of the end for her music career?

Rihanna's halftime performance saw her take the stage after a nearly seven-year music hiatus and comes 18 years after she released her first single.

Members of The Wrap Up Magazine thinks Rihanna was throwing up the sign and crying is because it was a great way for her to announce she is pregnant again.

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