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Friday, February 17, 2023

Feds Are After R. Kelly Again


It is no secret that disgraced singer R. Kelly will never get out of jail with his massive 30-year sentence New York racketeering conviction in his lifetime. But now, the Feds are adding a little more injury to insult— pushing for an additional 25 more years to be tacked on to his Cook County sentence because he continues to show no remorse for his decades of sexual abuse to minors and vulnerable women.

Federal prosecutors in Chicago want a 25-year consecutive prison sentence attached to his 2022 child pornography conviction, calling him a “serial sexual predator.”

The prosecution is asking U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber that Grammy Award-winner’s sentence run consecutively to the 30-year term.

“(Kelly) not only refuses to accept any responsibility for his conduct, but he repeatedly deflects any blame for his crimes, and instead advocates that he is being treated unfairly because, for example, ‘other artists and musicians’ should be prosecuted for these crimes,” Assistant U.S. Attorneys Jeannice Appenteng, Elizabeth Pozolo, Jason Julien, and Brian Williamson wrote after Kelly’s team compared his appetite for underage girls with those of mostly white musicians, who they claim were given a pass by the government.

“Plain and simple, Kelly does not comprehend that what he did was wrong,” they collectively added.

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