Friday, September 30, 2022

Video: P.O.P. Severe - "Zoe Belushi"

P.O.P. Severe is a New York based, Hollis Queens-raised recording artist

As the Black Sheep in a strict Haitian household P.O.P. rebelled at a young age. Growing up in Hollis, Queens music was in his blood, but the streets found him first. Never losing sight of his dreams he began his career with the group Livetime seeing some success. He later went on to perform in venues throughout the Borough of New York as one half of Cassius and Carnage under the guidance of DJ Ace.

After his recent hiatus P.O.P is ready to break through the noise of today's hip hop scene to bring a mix of new and vintage East Coast flavor and melodic pop hit single sounds.

Today, we receive his new HottRoundz-produced single, "Zoe Belushi." Watch the Jparka productions directed cut below! 

Follow P.O.P. Severe:
Instagram - @P.O.P._Severe_

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QGTM Hollis 🔥 🔥 🔥