Monday, September 26, 2022

Is Jennifer Lopez Hollywood's most Underestimated Star?


Diversity is something that Hollywood has clearly been making efforts to achieve in recent years, following decades where such things were not seen as important. Jennifer Lopez has been one of the few Latina stars of this generation, and now she’s talking about what it was like, seemingly being the only person who looked like her.

The new Mrs. Ben Affleck says that while she felt like the only person in the room who was Latina, that wasn’t entirely a bad thing. She says she felt like a “unicorn” when there was nobody else in the room that looked like her.

Jennifer Lopez's rise to what can now be regarded as a global icon has been a long one, but even now, three decades into her career, having sold 80 million records, recorded eight albums and appeared in more than 40 films, she still struggles to receive her dues.

Perhaps Jennifer Lopez’s unique perspective is part of what helped her succeed in an environment like the one she was in. She embraced who she was, and believed that it was what made her unique, for the simple fact that the rest of Hollywood was not diverse enough to have more people like her inside it.

But there were other ways in which Jennifer Lopez also did not fit in. Beyond her ethnicity, Lopez says her body also didn’t look like other women in Hollywood. While Lopez’s body would, in the end, be part of what her a recognizable icon, she says that the standard of beauty when she started was very different.

Perhaps it was her personification of the American Dream that led Lopez to being selected to perform at Joe Biden's presidential inauguration in 2021.

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