Friday, September 2, 2022

Shelly Perel - "Don't Try" (Video)

Shelly Perel makes her 2022 return with a fun, uplifting record, "Don't try." "Don't try" is the first single from her upcoming debut album, "Patience And Stuff." The track is chock-full of sounds that make it impossible to put the song in one lane: Alternative, Indie Pop, R&B, Neo-Soul, etc. - the song is truly genre-bending. Shelly Perel utilizes her soothing, soulful vocals to create a nostalgic, but fresh sounding jam. "Don't try" is all about crafting your own path in life and loving the journey. The song draws on Shelly Perel's own experiences and upbringing. "I come from a small town where everyone must follow a certain path or pattern, but I had bigger dreams for myself." Shelly Perel continues: "The song is really about the expectations of our environment and how sometimes we expect something different for ourselves. The pressures, and contrasting feelings and desires create this huge mess within ourselves. And, we then don't follow our dreams. The unknown tends to scare us, but not knowing isn't always a bad thing and it doesn't mean you are lost, it is just a part of the road - so, enjoy it!" The very relatable message of "Don't try" was penned by Shelly Perel and her team, Shahar Goldstein (Golde) and Yuval Menashe. Golde also served as the producer of the record, responsible for the vibey feel of "Don't try" through the use of synths, drum patterns, etc. The Tel Aviv-based singer-songwriter accompanied the single release with a music video. The visual was directed and edited by renowned filmmaker Omri Baum. Seeing how Omri Baum is a pioneer in the skate video scene, and the songstress' love for skating, the music video captures the skating community very well. The video has a DIY or BTS feel to it, but it doesn't detract from the video's professional quality. It was purposely filmed in this way to really accentuate the skating community's message and song's premise - adventure, true friendships, sense of freedom, having fun, and enjoying life. It is impossible to dislike Shelly Perel, her song, and music video, so "Don't try."

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