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Sunday, February 20, 2022

Is This Why Kendrick Lamar Departed From TDE?


TDE President Punch has been vocal about the dealings of the storied label over the years, and now he has spoken on Kendrick Lamar’s departure from the label in a new interview

Punch was candid about Kendrick’s move, saying he’s a “grown man.” He went into detail, saying, “I don’t even know if I would describe it that way as ready to leave, as more so ready to build his own thing. That’s a grown man right now. We watched him grow from a teenager up into an established grown man, a businessman, and one of the greatest artists of all time. So how long do you actually be signed up under somebody? It’s been almost 20 years. So it’s time to move on and try new things and venture out.”

Punch then talked about Black Hippy and expressed regrets about not getting an album together for the crew. “We definitely wanted to do a Black Hippy album. But it was such a learning experience for us, everything was new. The timing never really panned out,” said Punch. 

He continued, “When one guy would be recording his album, another guy would be on tour. Everybody was never in the same timeframe. So we didn’t want to hold back; we wanted to keep going and just push further into their individual careers. In hindsight, I wish I would’ve pushed the Black Hippy album more. That was always my goal, personally. You would have to ask everybody individually to see if that’s what their goal was.” Stay tuned for more updates

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