Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Fat Joe Talk Jay-Z's 'Hardest Lyric in Hip-Hop'


During his recent appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast, hip-hop legend Fat Joe talked about how important it is to have a support system in place to achieve goals. He drove the point home by referencing a Jay-Z line from "Feelin' It" off his debut album, Reasonable Doubt. The line referred to by Joe is "If every n***a in your clique is rich, your clique is rugged/Nobody will fall ‘cause everyone will be each other's crutches)." 

He says around the 53 min mark, “Everybody wanna be the man. Everybody wanna be the guy everybody looks up to. There’s no real strength in that,” Joe explained. “The strength is in everybody eating, so that if one of us falls, we can lift him up. You have to understand that mentality.”

Fat Joe also discussed his past tension with Hov and how it stemmed from their teams facing off at Rucker Park. 

“You know what happens man. You know there’s a little bit of jealousy involved,” Joe recalled. “You know what I’m saying. The man was always winning. I might have been a little jealous if I’m gonna be a man about it. You know what i’m saying? He won at everything. He had the baddest chick in the world.”

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