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Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Kendrick Lamar Has A New Manager


A few days ahead of his headlining performance at Day N Vegas this weekend, it has been announced that rapper Kendrick Lamar has a new business manager. The pgLang co-founder is working with Anthony Saleh, who is well-respected in the music industry as the longtime manager of Nas.

As he prepares his upcoming studio album, which he announced will be his final offering as part of his deal with Top Dawg Entertainment, Kendrick is making a change to his entourage, employing Anthony Saleh as his new manager. 

The low-key announcement was made as Kendrick's upcoming festival appearance is being hyped, writing, "Kendrick’s new manager touts hip-hop superstar’s first U.S. live show in years with huge Las Vegas engagement. Bet everything on the K.Dot."

TIDAL’s Chief Content Officer Elliott Wilson confirmed the news, writing, "Didn't realize my guy Anthony Saleh @Dude_Br0 was managing Kendrick Lamar. Wow. Big moves. Congrats."

With this news, it remains unclear of Dave Free's role in Kendrick's career. They work together as the co-founders of pgLang, but fans are wondering if Free will have any managerial duties as Saleh's hiring becomes public knowledge.

Many believe that with this being Kendrick Lamar's first US-based performance in years, the rapper may make an album announcement at Day N Vegas. Do you think we'll be receiving some big news this weekend?

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