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Thursday, November 18, 2021

$100K Worth of Items Stolen from Louis Vuitton Store


Over a dozen thieves swarmed a Louis Vuitton store at the Oak Brook Center Mall near Chicago and stole $100,000 worth of merchandise in less than a minute on Wednesday.

Investigators believe the group was strategic in their approach as the robbery happened when the armed guard was on a short break. Before barging into the store and stealing as many items as possible, the suspects were dropped off at different areas of the mall. By the time the guard returned, he unsuccessfully attempted to apprehend the group. Despite the getaway, the police are confident they will identify and arrest the thieves.

"We do have some information on when they fled the area, and we also have vehicle information too, which is very helpful. Vehicle descriptions, even close-up photos of license plates, so were nailing down all those leads now, our detectives are out working those leads," said Police Chief James Kruger.

In response to Wednesday's theft, the Oak Brook police have increased patrols all around the mall.

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