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Friday, November 19, 2021

See Jennifer Lopez In New ‘Marry Me’ Trailer


Jennifer Lopez is gearing up to return to her rom-com roots. The singer who took a dramatic turn in her acclaimed 2019 stripper drama Hustlers, plays fictional pop star Kat Valdez in the three-minute trailer for her upcoming flick Marry Me. The first-look clip that dropped on Thursday (Nov. 18) opens with a montage of a fabulous Valdez gearing up for a major tour — rehearsing her moves, sitting for photo shoots, walking the red carpet — as we hear a preview of what sounds like the singer/actress’ title track for the film slated to drop on Valentine’s Day 2022.

In a plot device custom made for rom-com shenanigans, a reporter explains that Valdez and fiancé Bastian — played by Colombian superstar Maluma in his first major film role — are gearing up to get married on stage after debuting their new single, “Marry Me.” But wait, there’s a twist, of course. A cut-away shows hapless divorced dad math teacher Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson) getting roped into attending the show by his adorable daughter (Chloe Coleman) and a gal pal, played by comedian Sarah Silverman. Waiting in line, Gilbert is horrified to see hundreds of fans in line holding home made, glittery “Marry Me” signs.

But when a video of Bastian cheating with the singer’s assistant leaks before the show, a veiled Valdez spots Gilbert in the crowd hold one of the aforementioned signs and decides to, yes, marry him onstage in front of 20 million livestream viewers. Guess what happens next?

The film, which also stars Game of Thrones‘ John Bradley, comedian Michelle Buteau and Mulan‘s Utkarsh Ambudkar, was directed by Kat Coiro (Dead to Me). The first single from the soundtrack, Lopez’ soaring ballad “On My Way,” is out now.

Watch the trailer below.

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