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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

What Happened to Blackstreet?


Blackstreet were labeled the Kings of New Jack Swing. They sold millions of records worldwide, enjoyed multi-platinum selling albums, top ten singles and many prestigious awards. 

Their single No Diggity, became one of the most iconic R&B tracks of the 90s era. Blackstreet was formed in 1991 by Teddy Riley and Chauncey Hannibal aka Chauncy Black. 

Unfortunately, internal disputes prevented Blackstreet from maintaining momentum and Riley soon retired the band and released a new album with Guy in 2000. Still, there was plenty of the old firepower on display when a Riley solo project became Blackstreet’s fourth album, Level II, in 2003.

The group has released four albums with Interscope Records until 2003. They achieved relative success leading up to the single "No Diggity" (featuring Dr. Dre and Queen Pen), which peaked at number 1 for four weeks in November 1996.

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