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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

What Would You Do If You Won A #MeetandGreet With Motley Crue?

Motley Crue fans have accused promoters of trying to milk fans for money with VIP Meet & Greet packages for the band's summer 2020 stadium concert.

With over 700,000 tickets sold and gross box office receipts of over $90 million in the first weekend of sales, The Stadium Tour featuring Def Leppard and Motley Crue with Poison and Joan Jett & The Blackhearts will be the biggest rock tour of 2020.

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If you were selected for this opportunity, you and a guest will enjoy VIP tickets to a Motley Crue show of your choice, meet & greet and photo with the band, and pair of used and signed drumsticks from Tommy Lee!

So what if you had the chance to meet the boy band? What would you do? What questions would you ask? Comment your answers below in the comment section of the blog.


Unknown said...

I would treat them with respect. I would tell them that I have never seen them in concert but have always been a huge fan. I would thank Nikki, Tommy, Vince and Mick for giving birth to a generation of sticking our middle fingers to society back in the 80's and also thank them for sharing their personal stories to the world and how inspirational all of their lives have been to me and how they over came and battled with their own personal demons. And last but not least, thank them for giving us the most amazing music for the last 39 years.

Unknown said...

Well Motley Crue has shaped my entire life! I would ask Nikki to sign my Nikki tattoo so I could have that tattooed immediately �� I would tell them thank you because I have made most of my life long friends waiting in line for concert tickets growing up�� I was sexually abused as a child & their music gave me comfort and the strength to be the woman I am. I have seen them every time they have been in Milwaukee since 1983. I remember taking their first album to middle school everyday!! I look forward to every Motley Crue concert because not only do I get to see the greatest band that ever lived but I get to do it with a life time of friends as a family reunion �� the biggest question i would want to ask would be " if they had to do it again would they & would they have changed anything?"

jennifer bowen said...

if i was to meet them i think i that would be cool since there one of the bands i like a lot and i think i would just like to well be able to just hang out with them and just ask them things and i dont know. and well i would think them for well picking me to get to see them IN person. after all it some thing that dose not and not happen like every day .

Unknown said...

Bore them to death on questions on exploits that hasn't been told and do a early or belated birthday toast to T-bone since we share one. Shout!

Rogueangel said...

Firstly I would have to have my 10 year old son with me or he would never ever forgive me lol. I would probably babble a bit to start with but then I would have so many questions for them all. One I really want to ask Vince at the moment is what made him laugh at the very end of keep your eye on the money. It make me smile when I hear it. I would ask Nikki how he copes with stress, anxiety and depression as I too suffer with this and after reading the heroine diaries I really felt for him and the pain he was going through. I would ask them all what one thing they would change if any. There are so many things I would love to share with them. Just lately their music has help me cope more than ever. Probably be cheeky enough to ask them to record an answerphone message as well ��������

Jlayne324 said...

I would be at peace with everything and everyone in this world. I'm not sure who i'd bring with me but I'm sure they'ed be very happy to there. I'd most likely would not leave they would have to drag me away from the bad boys of rock, because i would never leave their side. I love them with all my heart.