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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Mariah Carey Joins Jennifer Lopez And More For Rise Up New York Performance

The one-hour benefit was presented by the New York-based poverty fighting organization Robin Hood and iHeartMedia.

Mariah Carey opened the streaming event with a beautiful medley of her 2002 track Through The Rain and the 1991 single Make It Happen, helping to raise money for New Yorkers affected by COVID-19.

Mariah Carey who is a native of New York prefaced the performance with some uplifting words: 'I know we're strong enough to get through this. We will rise again. We can do this together.' She belted her iconic high notes from home, accompanied by three backup singers, also performing from their respective homes.

Jennifer Lopez also made an appearance, advocating for children amid the global pandemic. The Queens-born artist said: 'New York, I know your strength. We're gonna get through this, but we need to make sure we take care of all our neighbors, including our children.

Jennifer introduced the Staten Island children of PS22 Chorus, who gave a moving performance of Rise Up by Andra Day.

Alicia Keys performed her new single Good Job, which she debuted last month as a tribute to first responders during the pandemic.

Jimmy Fallon gave a special edition of his Thank You Notes segment from The Tonight Show: 'Thank you, Brooklyn Bridge, for keeping Brooklyn and Manhattan socially distanced.' 

He also joked: 'Thank you, Andrew Cuomo, for being a sterling example of leadership in this rough time, though in all fairness, the high bar for leadership right now is not telling people to drink bleach.' 

Barbra Streisand, Patti Lupone and Audra McDonald showed optimism about New York City's Theater District coming back 'stronger than ever' after being closed due to the pandemic lockdown.

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