Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Why Did Mariah Carey Nanny Have To Go Public?

Mariah Carey's ex-nanny tried to make her look bad by going to TM about her unpaid wages. Instead of calling Mariah and lets the superstar know she has not been paid, she went pubic and said she is suffering from emotional distress.

Here is the story below!

A woman named Maria Burgues filed the lawsuit against the singer in Los Angeles court on Monday, claiming that Carey failed to pay her on numerous occasions in addition to being treated poorly by other members of her team.

The nanny also points the finger at Carey's bodyguard, Marcio Moto, who she claims put her in danger on multiple occasions. In 2017, the nanny claimed Moto threatened to kick her out of a car while driving to Las Vegas.

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Burgues also alleged in the suit that Carey yelled at her inside of a dance studio in front of several others after one of the singer's children left a class unannounced. Burgues claimed she was fired after the incident.

Burgues is seeking compensation for "severe emotional distress." The nanny also claimed she did not receive wage statements and was not paid for what she was owed at the time of her firing. Despite the new lawsuit against her, Carey is having a wildly successful week, thanks to her holiday hit reaching the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the first time ever.

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