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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Which Song From Beyonce Inspired You The Most?

There is no way anyone can tell me that at least one of Beyonce songs did not inspire you in some type of form or fashion. When it comes to women empowerment songs Beyoncé’s name comes to the top of the list again and again!

Beyonce's brand of empowering, soulful and sing-along pop has captured the imagination of a generation of young women. A singer, songwriter, actress, performer, mother of three, and wife to acclaimed rapper Jay Z, Beyoncé embodies modern feminism.

Probably the most empowering song Beyoncé has written is "Run The World." She truly captures how powerful women really are, and how they can do much more than just be a wife at home while the man does everything. This song is perfect for your running/workout playlist, especially when you’re on that last set, because nothing is more motivating than Beyoncé telling you that you run the world.

So which songs from Beyonce most inspired you? Name your list below!

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