Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Jay-Z Charts His 100th Song On The Hot 100

Jay-Z lands yet another minor hit, and though the song probably won’t stick around for very long, it’s become a very important one for the rapper.

“Mood 4 Eva” marks Jay-Z’s one hundredth solo Hot 100 appearance under that moniker, which is something only a few musical acts have ever managed. In fact, the rapper is now just the sixth musician to appear on the all-genre songs ranking 100 times.

The mogul has now charted 100 songs as Jay-Z, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Including the work he did as one-half of musical duo The Carters (which was a project with his wife Beyoncé), the rapper reached triple-digit placements a little while ago, as that group sent five songs onto the ranking. That means that Shawn Carter (Jay-Z’s real name) claims 105 Hot 100 hits, but as Jay-Z, he’s just made it to 100.

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