Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Is Jay-Z Or Eminem The Best Rapper Right Now?

I know Lil Wayne say's he is the greatest rapper alive, but Fans Favorites wants to know is Jay-Z or Eminem the best right now?

Eminem was named to have the hottest album of the year, but Jay-Z business ventures keeps him in the billionaire eye.

Jay-Z was neck on neck with Eminem on Renegade and about 80% of his albums are number one albums. He didn't write his verse on Brooklyn's finest and as for the Blueprint and the black album, what more can I say. His flows are sick and he has stayed relevant to the game for the past twenty years.

Jay-Z is not the best rapper alive. There are so many rappers around, it is hard to choose the best. I personally enjoy Eminem and I think he is the best, but that is my personal opinion.

Eminem and Jay-Z are proving that longevity is possible within hip-hop as the two are now tied for the rapper with third-most top ten hits in Billboard history.

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