Monday, March 4, 2019

Woman Who Bailed R. Kelly Out of Jail Receives Bomb Threat

On Feb. 25, R. Kelly’s bail was reportedly posted by fan, “friend” and restaurant owner, Valencia P. Love, according to the Chicago Sun Times. In addition to her restaurant, Love On The Blu, news also surfaced reporting Love is affiliated with Lord and Child Day Care in Chicago. Though she recently denied that the $100,000 posted on Kelly’s behalf was her own money, Love wouldn’t divulge the source of the funds beyond that.

The latest round of reports regarding the accused entertainer suggests that even while he’s out on bail, associating with him may be a liability. Love’s support of R. Kelly became extra messy when the aforementioned daycare reported multiple calls of a bomb threat.

According to TMZ, the Chicago Police Department confirmed an explosive device was not found at the center and no one was injured. The reported threat is currently under investigation, with no suspects in custody.

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