Saturday, March 2, 2019

#Stream Rich Forbez "Who Is Rich Forbez" #Album on #Itunes @RichForbez

Lima, Ohio producer/artist Rich Forbez formally known as Yung City has released his debut album "Who Is Rich Forbez."

The eleven track EP comes crammed packed with hit songs for both the streets and the ladies. Presented by Strarlife Music Group, this is one album you don't want to miss out on.

In Rich Forbez own words: "The motivation behind this album was life it’s itself. This album was a form of therapy that help me get to a brighter place after coming out of a heavy dark muddy funk and a heart break."

Community members of Lima always asked Fobez why was he still living in the city? Why he never left to go to the big city? And his response was: "Based off my confidence people wouldn’t know that I was actually nervous as shit to put my music out there to be judged. Also I felt over the years I’ve put myself on the back burner artist wise to service other artist in the area like shooting/editing music  videos and running a recording studio while quietly working and perfecting my craft. I eventually got fed up  if being asked the question and took action and stop over thinking my process and just went with my first ideas the beats told me to do. In that time I realized that only I was holding myself back from the world."

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