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Friday, January 4, 2019

Could This Be The End Of R. Kelly Career?

Although he has made many hits and topped various charts, R. Kelly is still labeled a pedophile in most eyes. They will never get over the fact that it's true and he has not apologized for any of it.

Now that the Aaliya case has resurfaced, could the be the crushing moment in R. Kelly's career. Just like Bill Cosby, Tekashi 69, and Russel Simmons, this is damaging to loosing endorsers and more.

R. Kelly could see his career come to a halt just as quick as it started. He has a problem with stick him grown penis into our children on my personal note. The Wrap-Up Magazine loves the mans music, just not the ways he live by.

If his career loosing everything right at the end, this is karma in the making for him. Does he deserve jail time? Or just like many other, case are too old to close but the evidence is still there?

R. Kelly need help and it may be time for him to be held accountable for it. It's time to come out in public before this hits. I'm sure even white people would agree that this relationship was clear in ones eyes.

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Unknown said...

You gots to give the experts their props...NOBODY makes pedophilia, abuse, and destruction look as appealing like Hollywood can.

Gansta Marcus said...

yes he is, but not has been labeled one as of yet.

Gansta Marcus said...

got that right, they sure can cover up alot

Cali said...

Dear unkown so quick to judge as if you're holier than thou. .u cannot pass judgement act so self righteous. This are just allegation & this story has been only 1 sided no one has tested the whether they're true or not & they're so quick to run to the media especially a reality show why not cnn or bbc or any other credible news network cause this so called victims knew their wild were just stories not facts ..look at the case of rogers

DJ Sippitakeover said...

we will see what the outcome brings. Kelly seems to have alot to cover up