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Friday, January 4, 2019

Burna Boy Named Hottest Artist In Nigeria @burnaboy

It speaks volumes when your first-ever appearance on #TheList is at #1. That’s the kind of year Burna Boy has had.

His album, Outside, released as far back as January, is arguably the best album of 2018. His song “Ye” is arguably the biggest song of 2018. With over 60% of Team NJO voting him at #1, Burna Boy is the hottest artist in Nigeria!

Both home and abroad, Burna Boy has flourished. With Fall Out Boy’s “Mania” album earning a Grammy nod for “Best Rock Album“, Burna Boy could be going home with a Grammy in the next couple of months, thanks to his feature on the track “Sunshine Riptide“, the only feature on an album which peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 album chart.

He also worked with the likes of Major Lazer and Lily Allen, got featured on YouTube’s Artist on the Rise, sold out Brixton Academy, and “Ye” went viral on Spotify USA (thanks in part to Kanye West’s “Ye” album). Let’s not forget, “Outside” got on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart. All these and more have led to industry gatekeepers like DJ Ebro predicting a Burna Boy takeover in 2019.

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