Monday, December 24, 2018

Did Eminem Really Defeat MGK In The Rap Battle?

It's time to put this debate to rest. Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly had one of the best rap battles that took place in 2018. Since September, the Internet has been buzzing over who won the rap battle.

Battle rap is a type of rapping that includes bragging, insults and boasting content. Eminem has even been rated one of the best rap battlers of all time.

When it comes to MGK and MM beef, this is how we measured it.

1. Best lyrics goes to Machine Gun Kelly for the way he ate Eminem in "Rap Devil." Not only did the lyrics go off, the video was way more entertaining than Eminem's response.

Eminem lashed out in a fiery freestyle rap about some old beef that's been on his chest. Dubbed by some as “white-on-white crime,” this seemingly spontaneous conflict has actually been years in the making.

2. Eminem took the most views and ran with the most fans. Eminem hurt MGK by killing him with true feelings that the rapper could not deny. Eminem said some things in Killshot that made MGK not want to make a comeback.

Despite the seemingly explosive rap feud, the authenticity of the animosity between Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly has now been called into question given that they shared a producer on their diss tracks.

When it comes to a rap battle, what happened to not writing your song, just face to face bar after bar? So if I rate this beef bar for bar, Eminem took the crown. If I rate it by performance, the awards go to Machine Gun Kelly.