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Saturday, August 25, 2018

TWUM Artist Picks Of 2018

Artists Of The Year
There are many artist posting and submitting their music to TWUM on a daily basis's. There are a few who stood out in the crowd of musicians by showing hard work and dedication. The Wrap-Up Magazine would like to take this moment to give these artist a little support in furthering their music career.

We encourage all to take the time to follow these artist and listen to some of their music below.

Bucket - Why Me

Jackson, Mississippi Female rapper Bucket kick off the year with her hot video 'Why Me.'

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Orena Made Records Presents Pluto

Lima, Ohio rapper Pluto releases new visual video titled 'Bros Forever' featuring Orena Made Millie

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FTF Pablo - Chopsticks

Ftf Pablo is back out with some new music titled "Chopsticks".

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Tyrae - Like To Do

Tyrae of Lima hits Spotify music with his song titled "Like To Do"

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These are artist chosen for DJ's, blogs, and other to share. Please give your feedback!

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