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Friday, August 17, 2018

Nicki Minaj Talks Remy Ma and Cardi B

Nicki Minaj sat down with Ebro Darden and talked about some of the pressing issues within the Nicki-sphere this week. Aside from her latest album, Queen, dropping, Nicki has been candid in all of her media appearances on a number of topics. While chatting with Ebro, Nicki seemed to get annoyed after being asked about Remy Ma and Cardi B.

"Can we please move on, Ebro? C’mon. Honestly, let’s go." She continued, "If you know me, you would know the answer to the first question. Like, give me a f**kin’ break." However, Nicki decided to elaborate on the situation with Cardi specifically.

"I didn't know Cardi and I had an issue, but I guess we do since you're saying it and other people are saying it. To me, she may have taken an issue with things that I've said but I'm not going to bite my tongue, [...] You gotta have thick skin. People talk sh*t about me all the time. I don't tell people, 'Oh, stop posting me' 'cause I see one bad thing about myself. You can't expect to be liked and loved and praised all the f**kin' time. Give me a break."

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