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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Can A Rapper Become Successful Today Without Their City

Bronx, NY rapper and HighBridge The Label member, Don Q, sits down with DJ Smallz and weighs in on a rapper's path to success with or without their hometown. Hip-hop music has become a worldwide phenomenon.

From the profane to the profound, from light-hearted joke rhymes to violent tales of urban struggle, rap songs can be about anything—what matters is writing engaging lyrics and delivering them with style.

Becoming a successful rapper or music artist is one of those “dream jobs” that everyone believes they can get but most people have no idea how to do so.

Ways To Make Money As A Indie Artist

In order to become a successful music artist, you need a lot of moving parts to work together. These moving parts include areas such as music creation, networking, marketing, finances, operations, and more.

They typically go to the recording studio, create a song, and broadcast it on social media several times per day. This cycle usually repeats itself until the artist runs out of money or burns out. Instead, most music artists should focus on learning and educate themselves about the different moving parts involved with becoming a successful artist.

Whats A Rapper's Path To Success?

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