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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Blogs Are Not The Thing Of The Past

The Wrap-Up Magazine would like to take a moment and stand up for all the music blogs that's helping unsigned artist to promote themselves. Whether you website is major or small, it does not matter. We all deserve recognition for the work we do.

People and critics say that music blogs are the thing of the past, but if your reading this right now, then welcome to a blog. Music blogs used to be an important part of the game for any rising artist, but things have changed. That I do agree, but the blog has not died all the way.

It's okay for any unsigned artist to find a new direction to promoting it's artist. Although the industry say it down grades what your doing, still keep the underground alive.

P&P isn’t an exception. Stereogum, also originally an MP3 blog, is now owned by SpinMedia. Pitchfork was bought by Condé Nast in October, around the same time Jacob Moore published his article. That same month, The Village Voice, an alternative newspaper with a blog mentality long before the concept of a blog was ever hatched, was sold to a fantastically wealthy investor.

So if you want to start a music blog, you should. As long as there’s music, there will be pretentious dickheads writing about it and people reading what they’ve written. We may not know what form this will take in ten years — or how it will be monetized — but that’s a stupid reason not to try your hand at it. If you’re semi-talented now, you’ll likely be on the forefront of whatever the next frontier happens to be.

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