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Monday, September 19, 2016

Gansta Marcus Talks How Swag Will Revolutionize The Rap Game

The Lima, Ohio producer recently released a statement on rap music and its future, now he returns with a new written statement on "How Swag Will Evolutionize The Rap Game." In his own statements below, Gansta Marcus defines swag and its new movement.

"Soon there will be a change, whats on top now will not always remain. Something will come to take its place as the world evolves. With crime growing at rap concerts, the industry will have to find new and various ways to keep the music alive."

"When I was growing up, The Source Magazine was the papers we got our music news from. Now you have XXL and more going on. The game, industry, and websites are changing platforms all over. Support our new movement by streaming me and my artist man..real talk."

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