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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Storytelling With Gansta Marcus

We would like for you to sit down and have a seat as Gansta Marcus gets ready to tell another life story event. This time he tells the story of the death of Edward Wade and how it affected him.

"Edward Wade was my first real artist I put effort and time into. When I first met him, no-one wanted anything to do with him. All he was doing was breaking into houses and stealing from his parents. So I took a risk and took him under my wing. I showed a new way of living by putting him in the studio and coaching him through his first job."
"Edward did good for a couple years before he lost his job and went back to stealing. At the age of 18, Edward was introduced to coccaine which led him to feel like Superman. When I found out he had been arrested for breaking into a courthouse, I knew then he was too far in."


"Instead of me picking him back up and working with him again, I let him sway off and let him do him. He always came around off and on and checked on me and my family during the time. After Wade was sentenced and served time in the local Cleveland, Mississippi jail, he was released on probation for a short period of time."

"His death took a real big chunk out of me. The last house he broke into before getting sentence came back to haunt him. Don't want to tell all the details, but I remember a day when the police was chasing two young teens going down North Bayou. Reason being, is that they came through my yard running."

"Things happened to which one young man had time to change clothes, while the other had shots fired while being chased. One was never found, other was charged. The clothes to suspect disapeared and the criminal went to jail."

"After Edward was released from jail on probation, he came strait to me. We began the rehabilitation process, but he ended up violating landing him 5 days in jail. On the day he was going to be released, he was attacked by having his head smashed into the glass of the co's desk."

"He was released to the hospital upon the accident which two hours later, the hospital released him. He died in his his sleep that night."

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