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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Model Submissions

We have seen the submissions in our emails, that many viewers of The Wrap-Up Magazine would like to know how they can submit photos to be featured in out top 5's list. Sending photos is simple. Just send photos to Check out more information that is need is listed below.

Our Top 5 first started in 2014. Now we are giving our viewers a chance to submit photos of their own to be displayed on the main site. We do not post nude photos, so please do not submit any, guidelines are listed below.

Submit your sailing, boating, sailorettes, sailors, funny, crazy, group, party photos! What it is that your into. Models, celebs, entertainers, and more are all open to be posted.

Submission Details
We are always looking for the next top model to be placed in our top 5 list. As our audience grows we collect submissions of new and upcoming models. Applicants for commercial and lifestyle modeling should have at least 8 photos, three paragraph biography, twitter link, and facebook like page.

All is required. If you would like to be a featured model or artist throughout every page as featured, then contact us for special pricing. All submissions are submitted to DJ Sippitakeover (

Model Submissions
Model Submissions

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