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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Gansta Marcus Talks Birdman And Suge Knight

Gansta Marcus released a statement to The Wrap-Up Magazine about Birdman and Suge Knight. He speaks on Lil Wayne suing the person who found him, and Suge Knight facing prison time. Read and comment on the statement below as they are stated by him.

"The beef the is acquiring between Lil Wayne and Birdman is small to tell you the truth. All +Lil Wayne wants is him money that he feel is owed to him. Birdman has not made a statement on the current situation, but i'm sure he is working out something behind the scenes. At least I hope for legal sakes."

When asked about how he feels about what going on with +Suge Knight, his thoughts and statement were:

"Suge Knight is a man that many question! His biggest subject is did he kill +Tupac Shakur? In his latest case, Judge has set bail at $25 Million, as for +Suge Knight, he passed out! I would too, hell, do you know what %10 of $25 mill is? That $250k he'll have to cough up. That for his latest charge of running somebody over. The cards are up, lets let the jury decide his fate."

When asked, do the two seem the same in ways, he replied:

"+Birdman of +Cash Money and +suge knight of +Death row are very similar to being bullies in the music industry, and you would be a fool to sign with them. I'm like, cool with all the splurging and you spending money on things, but I like investments, spend that money on me."

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