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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Temptations Of A Credit Card

Store credit cards are great for people because of all the discounts and reward points. You just need to be smart and use it at the right times, never giving in to temptations. Hotel chains are also offering credit cards, with many more temptations, like travel points, gifts, and bonuses.

All very well as long as you read the fine print and keep checking card usage on your computer.

A store credit card, from big retail chains like Walmart or Target or your local store, is pretty easy to get and offer a lower credit limit but higher interest rates. Obviously using a credit card is a long term process because all those purchases, balances, and interest payments tally up to your credit score. Stores offer lots of temptations, savings, bonuses, and free stuff, for shoppers to start using their credit cards.

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