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Monday, July 21, 2014

The Clemson Tigers Cheerleaders

The Wrap-Up Magazine has found hot photos online of the Clemson Tiger cheerleaders. The Tigers' cheerleaders are arguably the hottest in the nation. Actually, we're here to settle that argument with this gallery of hot Clemson cheerleaders pictures to go up against the other top squads in the country in the same tournament-style bracket that will be used to decide the college football national champion beginning next year.

 This is another year and Clemson is once again one of top 10 college football teams in the country to start the season. Will this finally be the year Tajh Boyd gets the Tigers over the hump or will Clemson fall flat on its face one again? Boyd has even more than that at stake personally -- he's looking to surprise everyone and win the Heisman Trophy to boost his draft stock considerably. But that's not the most important thing going on at Clemson.
 Clemson students rank how hot the girls and guys are and discuss hooking up, dating, and sex life. Tajh Boyd and the Clemson Tigers are aiming for glory, and so are their cheerleaders and you'll see why with these hot pictures. We’re going to establish pretty clearly in this list that southern girls are pretty hot, and Clemson girls are a great pick.
Located in a tiny town in South Carolina the Tiger ladies are extremely good looking. There’s nothing to do on campus but party and make bad decisions. Bianca James, a senior at Clemson University in 2004, got the chance to appear as a Playboy college co-ed in the Girls of the ACC October 2004.

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