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Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Game Changer

The city of Lima, Ohio better get ready for a change in direction. For the rapper Nieman Marcus has touched down to cause hell. Lima is a small city in northwest Ohio that is full of rappers and entertainers, but there is one who stand out among the rest.

Nieman Marcus made a local name for himself under the rap name of Gansta Marcus. He is the largest underground producers the city has to offer. He is also the owner of The Wrap-Up and online blogger of unsigned artist.

In 2010 he released his first album under +Catapult Distribution on many online digital retail stores on sites like, and Since then, he has released several artist like Lil Reese (All I Am Mix-Tape)Young Cardo (Mississippi Boy Mix-Tape), and a few of his own.

You can Google or Bing this artist to find out more updates. You can follow this artist on differnt social media website such as and Nieman recently tweeted "Shots Fired at all Lima, Ohio rappers." Letting them know, that if they ain't with his team, then their competition.

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