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Friday, December 22, 2017

Gansta Marcus Covers TWUM

A Lima, Ohio rap artist has been featured on the first issue of The Wrap-Up Magazine.com+Nieman Marcus the rapper sits down with us and talks about why he changed his name, future plans, dress style, and his favorite artist.

Gansta Marcus is the new stage name for the Ohio producer Gansta Marcus. In the visual video presented by The Wrap-Up Magazine, he talks his favorite rappers such as +Dmx+Percy Miller+Wiz Khalifa+Yo Gotti, and many more.

Nieman is another name he goes by was born in the city of Cleveland, Mississippi. Not only is he a producer and rapper, he is also a promoter for unsigned artist trying to make a name for themselves.

He also states thats he plan to grow The Wrap-Up Magazine.com into his hub for future use of his music and artist. He enjoys wearing throwback Jerseys in various styles and like loud color t-shirts.

In his own words, he states about the site and more, "The Wrap-Up Magazine has changed my focus on how I reach out to my followers and fans. The site has helped me in so many ways I can not describe. I love +LINCOLN CONTINENTAL. The 1998 edition with +JBL speakers in my favorite." +JadakissVEVO mention the 98 Lincoln Continental in one of his tracks.

Nieman released his album with artist he produced on Amazon.com, and if your a Itunes shopper, it is avaible their for free viewing. The artist recently declared he is going against all rappers in Lima who are not with him. His new mix-tape "Independance Day" is set to be released 7-4-14 on Independence Day.

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