Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ohio Rapper Harassed By Sheriff's

The Lima, Ohio rap artist was leaving a packaging plant dropping off co-workers when he was pulled over on a routine traffic stop and harassed by Allen county sheriff's. After +Lemarquis Washington was pulled over for suspicion of a controlled substance, officers then started harassing the rap artist for giving them the wrong name.

The officers stripped search the artist outside in a public park. After the strip search was completed, the artist was then forced back into the officers squad car due to several pending bench warrants. Officers began to search the artist vehicle for drugs and weapons before delivering him to the Allen county jail in Lima, Ohio.

Reports are that the officers never let the artist get back dressed. When he entered the booking area of the county jail, he was still undressed. The arresting officers then started laughing and cracking jokes at the artist in a very unprofessional way.

The artist was sentenced to 180 days with two years probation. He was carring a bench warrent from Failure to comply.

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