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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gansta Marcus Incentives

What motivates an individual to perform an action? Gansta Marcus study of all economic activity has been small. The only release we have seen in the current time is the 419 To The 662 Album which showcases some of his production and self music. Although he has yet to start performing in front of large crowds, he has built up a large crowd online who follow him daily.

The encouragement for fans to purchase his music goes to the future of more equipment and production of more artist. The more funds that are brought in from the fans could lead to more distribution deals for future advancement.

His remunerative incentives is his next step. Without funds, this area for a artist is not possible. We do not know what his performance skills are like, but we are sure that his first time shall be like none other. The rap artist biggest problem is "What Is The Right Thing To Do".

Moral incentives are the most important move for all artist. To be admired and loved within your community is the eye out of your city. Gansta Marcus is both admired and hated. He has not lived in a big city no larger than Lima, Ohio for no more a year or two, he has been to many places which helped him to upgrade his social presence online without lawyers and agents.

He has given the streets the image of someone who fails to act in a certain way, which is condemned as indecent. For the black communities to meet someone who choose not to sell drugs, rob, steal, and etc, he has managed to live the slow life while watching the world move in slow motion right before his eyes.