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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Maj Strap Premiers New Envy Me Track Live

Maj Strap of Lima, Ohio teams back up Gansta Marcus and The Wrap-Up Magazine for the premier of a new track titled "Envy Me." No time to wait, watch it live below.

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Yung Mali - I Been Stressing

The Mac Miller of Lima, Ohio hits the industry with a new visual video titled "I Been Stressing." Yung Mali is here to stay no matter what the cause is. Watch his new video below.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

#TrunkMusic Slugga Love - Real Sh** Ft Rich Forbez @RichForbez

Slugga Love just jump out on the block with new music for your trunk to bang titled "Real Shit." After his girl took a different turn, Slugga decided he was going to marry money, the only woman that wont bail out! The track also features Rich Forbez of Lima, Ohio.

With Rich Forbez singing on the chorus, Slugga carry the rapping portion on the single. It's been since 'Who Is Rich Forbez' since we heard from the artist.

Crockzilla Releases #NewMusic 'Repentance'

Crockzilla is back with new music to let fans get a taste of whats to come in 2020. From the sound of things, Crockzilla is ready to turn things up a little in his new track titled 'Repentance.'

It's been since his first video 'All You Niggas' since we have heard from Crockzilla. Now as 2019 comes to a end, Crockzilla of Lima, Ohio blesses us with new sounds for the streets.

See Crockzilla full music profile by (Click Here)

"It’s a reflection on my life that i’m willing to die for. It's what I stand for and believe in through the betrayal, envy, and hate, I still remain humble.

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Monday, October 21, 2019

Scant Talks Motivation, Top Notch, Selling Music, And More

Eastside Detroit native Scant had an interview done recently with The Wrap-Up Magazine and Gansta-Marcus of Lima, Ohio. Word is, they wanted to stop Scan't hustle, but Scant put that work in to make his name.

Take a look at his visual interview below as he talks about his clothing company, what motivates him in the music industry, selling music on a digital scale, and more.

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Scant - Puttin Werk In/ Stay From Around Us

Saturday, October 19, 2019

#NewVideo K Woods - Chosen @xKWoodz

Just one month after releasing his first track, K Wood decides to release the visual video to "Chosen." 

K Woods is probably one of the most liked unliked artist the city right now, but sometimes that's what it takes to make a splash. The way the kid spit bars in the video, I can see why he has haters.

K Woods teamed up with Shades Vision of LabLife for this video production.

Chase Diamond Takes Ohio Music Scene Through The Back Door @chasem419

Lima, Ohio's newcomer is not a newcomer anymore. He has hit by using methods called sneaking in through the back door. How do you do that? Well, the game is to be sold not to be told.

This is the first time the Wrap-Up Magazine lead artist Gansta Marcus say's he has ever seen anyone come close than he did. This has to commended in the city where we live in cause it show true work and dedication.

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C Diamond Impressively Blew Past All Competition With Numbers From 10k-100K Views Touching Over 11K People On Just One Social Media, Had Songs Hosted By Famous Known DJs, Suspence, Cortez, FiestaBoii, Drama, Honorable C Note, Mixtape Monopoly , & Dj Ben Frank.

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Gansta Marcus was the only artist that went outside Lima to search for several ways to make a name or legacy without there city believing in them. Marcus accepts this as opportunity to finally work with a artist who can become more by giving knowledge to knowledge.

Gansta Marcus once worked with artist from Michigan, Ohio, New York, Florida, Mississippi, and Memphis. The album 419 To The 662 was a smash hit!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Gansta Marcus - Million Dollar Swag

"The Wrap-Up Magazine" would like to invite you to listen to one of the hottest tracks released off the "Slick Rick" album by Gansta Marcus titled "Million Dollar Swag." This song was released due to the death of Edward Wade.

I got a "Million Dollar Swag" no these niggas out here hate me now, i'm out here on my grind stay dougie fresh all the time. Just know my chain hang low, stacking money to the ceiling, know we stay fresh to death, we number one because we winning...more

#TuneIn To #R&B #HitMaker Cee Major #NewMusic "F.A.N."

Just as promised, Cee Major hits right back with new music to help kick off the 2019 titled "F.A.N." If you looking for a nice smooth jam to chill with, then this is the way to go. Cee Major promise he can change the ladies minds and make them fuck all night. Listen to the new R&B jam out of Lima, Ohio below!

"F.A.N." is a self titled track that means "Fuck All Night." This is the hottest jam as of yet released in 2019 for Bean City.

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Young Maj Talks Being The Hottest, Missions, And More

Lima, Ohio newest superstar of the music industry stop by The Wrap-Up Magazine for an exclusive interview with Gansta-Marcus. During the interview Maj talks why he is the hottest, giving s/o to those who helping him succeed, and more. Watch it first here.

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Friday, October 4, 2019

#NewMusic by Young Ice "Strive" #NowPlaying @YoungIceofMDB

Young Ice of the local famed group MDB releases new music titled "Strive". It's been since "Where The Check" since we heard from Young Ice.

Young Ice want to talk to fans about what he has been through in his new song "Strive". Listen to it here first!

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Friday, July 5, 2019

#Bringitback Eastside Po - Go In

Eastside Po is gearing up for the release of his new album for the first time in 4 years. Although Po has a new single playing on Facebook, the Wrap-Up Magazine wanted you to hear the "Go In" track off his previously released mixtape "PV."

Eastside Po had a'lot he wanted to get off his chest as he talk about his lifestyle in the track "Go In." This song is about community members living in the 45804 (Lima, Ohio). Follow the artist and share his music below!

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Saturday, May 18, 2019

#Stream Orena Made Millie - Presha (Album)

Orena Made Records of Lima, Ohio releases there first artist on the roster Orena Made Millie with his new album "Presha." The 12 track album was released on April of 2019.

Orena Made Millie versatile style is one to recon with. With hit songs like "My Rollie" and "Like You" this album is sure worth your time to listen too.

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Recent Music:

Pluto - "Bros Forever" Ft Orena Made Millie

Thursday, May 2, 2019

H.T.C. Talks Young Sity, NoMads, Tragic, Sonny Campbell, Undabos Records, And More

The Wrap-Up Magazine and Gansta Marcus did a surprise visit to one of Lima, Ohio's original bosses and groups H.T.C. formally known as 3rd Block. The minute I walked through the door, I was greeted with all the liquor, and beer I wanted. We kicked it in the 30 minute visual! I got a chance to sit back and chill and let them do their thing. Take a look below.

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Gansta Marcus - Swang And Swerve

Although Gansta Marcus has released his official album "Slick Rick," and still has a new release album titled "The Vault" set to be released on March 16th, here is a installment off the "419 To The 662" album titled "Swang And Swerve."

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Top 5 Best Interviews In Lima, Ohio

The Wrap-Up Magazine is proud to present it's Top 5 best interviews by artist in Lima, Ohio. These interviews was the beginning of what is to come. Promoter Gansta Marcus has plans to present more entertainment in new forms the city has not witnessed.
We invite all to take a look at interviews from various artist out of the City of Lima, Ohio. Differnt topics range from New Music, Performances, Changes to Fly Niggas, SnapEnt, Strands, And More.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Young Maj Hits The Industry With 2 New Videos

Lima, Ohio got something going on that we don't know about. Young Maj is out with 2 new visual for the music industry titled Maj Strap/Respect Me. Maj is the family member of Young Stap. Be first to watch it here.

Big Mike Talks LabLife Movement, Spits A Freestyle And More

Big Mike is trying to announce himself as a new producer who carry his own artist in Lima, Ohio. He has a collection of songs that's ready to hit the market including himself with new R.A.W. 2 coming Oct. 10th. Watch the interview below to get a better understanding.

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Yung Mali Talks Family, New Music, And More

Yung Mali made sure to get a interview in with The Wrap-Up Magazine to put his touch on the direction Lima is taking and the artist that's making a movement. There is no release date on his new cd release, but he does talk about his lifestyle and more.

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Loud Pat Drops Off #MusicVideo - Against The Wall #NowPlaying

Loud Pat of Lima, Ohio is back with another visual video titled "Against The Wall". The music video talks about what Loud Pat likes in his lifestyle and that he never thought he would live life like this.

Loud Pat recently released music video "Talk To Me" which had his whole city looking at him. Hard work and dedication pays off and Loud Pat is a definition of just that.

Loud Pat was recently featured in our mix-tape Hip-Hop Exposed

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