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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mexican Cartel Prepares For War

A power struggle to fill the vacuum left in the Sinaloa region of Mexico, since the extradition of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman out of the country, has intensified over the past several weeks, and newly released photos show aspiring cartel members mobilizing to fight.

Mexican website Blog Del Narco obtained and published the photos on Monday, February 27. The images show off the grade of weaponry and the massive stock of ammunition the unidentified group is traveling with. In one photo a man with an assault rifle stands behind an airplane. Another shows scores of trucks lined up, one behind another, atop a mountain as the men position for an advantage in the lucrative drug war.

Earlier this month headlines were rocked when El Chapo's sons were attacked by gunmen aligned with an opposing faction of the Sinaloa cartel. Back in August El Chapo's boys were kidnapped by gunmen in an incident that was captured on surveillance footage that many saw, as it made its rounds in the media. The February 4 attack is said to have occurred when they arrived with long time associate Ismael "El Mayo" Zambada, at a meeting called by longtime cartel member Damaso Lopez, who invited them to talk as he wished to dispel rumors that he ordered the kidnapping, according to a letter purportedly handwritten by Jesus Alfredo and Ivan Archivaldo Guzman.

There have been broad daylight gunfights since. Authorities have also stepped in amidst the chaos, leading to a shootout they had with suspected cartel members that left nine dead in the city of Reynosa last week.

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